Privacy collection notice

Privacy collection notice for Reportable Conduct Scheme notification and update webforms.

The Commission for Children and Young People (the Commission) uses this Form to collect information about reportable allegations under Part 5A of the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 (the Reportable Conduct Scheme), including personal information and health information.

The Commission may use any information collected through the Form to fulfil its functions under the Scheme, including to:

  • monitor responses to a reportable allegation
  • conduct investigations into the handling of a reportable allegation and to make findings as to whether reportable conduct has occurred
  • assess compliance with the Reportable Conduct Scheme or Part 6 of the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 (the Child Safe Standards Scheme)
  • educate and advise on the operation of the Scheme.

If you use this Form to tell the Commission about a reportable allegation, your identity will be protected by the Reportable Conduct Scheme. In particular, it is an offence for any person (including the Commission) to publish information that reveals your identity, unless otherwise permitted to do so by law. This means that, in an appropriate case, information collected through a Form, including your identity, may be disclosed to other persons or bodies to fulfil the Commission’s statutory functions. This information may be shared with:

  • a child affected by the alleged conduct, their parents and carers
  • the head of the entity, regulators or independent investigators
  • Victoria Police
  • the Department of Justice and Regulation, in relation to working with children checks
  • NSW Ombudsman and the ACT Ombudsman, if the allegation has implications across jurisdictions
  • Government Ministers and the Victorian Parliament
  • Other Information Sharing Entities prescribed under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme or Child Information Sharing Scheme.

Under the Reportable Conduct Scheme, the Commission must collect the information requested in the mandatory fields. If you are the head of an entity to which the Scheme applies, it may be an offence to fail to give the Commission that information.

Individuals can request access to, and corrections of, their personal information. Requests for access or correction should be sent to or addressed to:

Manager, Corporate Services
Commission for Children and Young People
Level 18
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000