Get help or make a complaint

How to get help or make a complaint

How to get help if you feel unsafe

If there is an emergency, or you or someone else is in danger, then call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

If you have a safety concern about someone who works or volunteers with an organisation tell an adult that you trust. The person you tell might be a parent, carer, family member or another adult in your household, a teacher or coach, a counsellor, or any other adult you feel comfortable with.

If they don’t help you, keep telling other adults you trust. The organisation you are concerned about must take your concern seriously and do something about it. They need to listen to you and support you to be safe and to feel safe. 

For mental health or wellbeing support, you can also contact Headspace or the Kids Helpline.

You can find also links to other organisations with resources and supports for children and young people here.

Contact us

If you need help understanding your rights, or if you have any safety concerns about a person in an organisation, you can contact us at the Commission.

Call us on: 1300 782 978 (free call)

Email us at:

How to make a complaint about the Commission for Children and Young People

Click here for information about how to make a complaint about us.  

How to make a complaint about if you are unhappy or have a concern about your experience of out-of-home care

If you’re a child or young person in out-of-home care and you are unhappy with your care, you can make a complaint to the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. Find out how here