Frequently asked questions

Common questions about the Reportable Conduct Scheme.

How does the Reportable Conduct Scheme differ from Child Safe Standards?

The standards and the scheme complement each other. The standards require organisations that provide services for children to adopt systems to prevent child abuse.

The scheme focuses on individual conduct and how organisations investigate allegations. An organisation that is Child Safe Standard compliant will have systems and procedures in place systems to support the scheme’s requirements.

For more details, please see our information sheet Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme

How do I tell the Commission about a reportable allegation?

If you are the head of an organisation to which the reportable conduct scheme applies, you must notify us of reportable allegations using our webform Notify and update reportable allegations

If you are a member of the public, you can either:

What happens when I tell the Commission about a reportable allegation?

We will confirm with you that we received your information about a reportable allegation.

We may:

  • contact you for more information and to provide you with support and guidance
  • refer your report to a regulator
  • start our own investigation
  • report substantiated allegations to the Working with Children Check Unit.

Should a regulated entity conduct an investigation if Victoria Police are investigating the matter?

An investigation by Victoria Police into criminal or potentially criminal allegations takes priority.

For more information view: Guidelines – Criminal Abuse of Children and Vulnerable People in Organisations: Reporting to Victoria Police

For more details, see our information sheet Other reporting obligations

Should I notify the Commission if there is already a police investigation?

You are still required to notify us even if you report an allegation elsewhere, including Victoria Police.

For more details, see our information sheet Other reporting obligations

More questions and answers

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