Ministerial inquiries

The Minister for Families and Children may recommend that we conduct and inquiry.

About Ministerial inquiries

The Minister for Child Protection and Family Services may recommend that we conduct an inquiry into:

  • the safety or wellbeing of an individual or group of vulnerable children or young people
  • services provided not provided by child protection services, youth justice services, a community service, health service, human service, or a school.

These inquiries are described in sections 38 and 40 of the Commission for Children and Young People Act 2012.

Permanency amendments inquiry

At the recommendation of the Minister, we reviewed the impact of the implementation of the Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Permanent Care and Other Matters) Act 2014.

Our inquiry report was made public by the Minister on 14 December 2017.

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Ministerial inquiry reports are not public documents, and the Minister can decide on whether to make them public in full or in part.