Youth engagement

How we engage with children and young people

All children and young people have the right to speak up, be heard and be involved in the decisions that affect them. It also just makes sense to hear what children and young people have to say and to partner with them on finding solutions that will work for them. They are the experts in their own lives and experiences and we can learn a great deal from listening to them. 

Our approach to youth engagement 

The Commission has developed an approach to youth engagement and participation in dialogue with children and young people themselves. That means it is dynamic and evolving all the time with our work. 

Our work is informed by: 

  • international human rights obligations 
  • the Child Safe Standards 
  • an understanding of the impact of trauma  
  • an understanding of the importance of creating spaces that are welcoming, safe and friendly. 

Our engagement principles are: 

  • we do no harm 
  • we listen and engage with purpose 
  • we are genuine and do not underestimate the knowledge and skills of children and young people 
  • we explain and clarify the purpose of engagement to children and young people 
  • we ensure informed consent from participants 
  • we consider accessibility, special needs, diversity and cultural safety 
  • we recognise and celebrate children and young peoples’ contribution and participation 
  • we keep exploring new ways to engage – informed by children and young people.