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Preventing child sexual abuse

Find out more about the National Office for Child Safety's Australia-wide campaign ‘One Talk at a Time’ aimed at preventing child


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Having conversations about child sexual abuse

Preventing child sexual abuse is the responsibility of all adults. Talking to children and young people about the sexual abuse is an important way to prevent it.

The National Office for Child Safety (the National Office) has created a suite of online tools to support adults to have these conversations.

  • Having conversations with children and young people

Topics and conversation starters to help people talk to preschool and school-age children and teenagers about child sexual abuse. Created in partnership with Raising Children Network.

  • Having conversations with other adults

Suggestions for how to start talking about the topic of child sexual abuse with other adults.

  • Having conversations with organisations that work with children and young people

Suggested questions to ask staff or volunteers at organisations that children engage with, to make sure their practices and policies safeguard children. Organisations may include early learning centres, schools, after school care providers, and sports clubs.

Explore the toolkits

'One Talk at a Time'

The National Office’s ‘One talk at a time’ campaign aims to help prevent child sexual abuse by encouraging adults to learn about the issue, and have ongoing and proactive conversations with children, young people, and other adults.

Watch the campaign’s advertisements.

Reporting child sexual abuse

There are multiple ways to report child sexual abuse.  

If you have concerns about the immediate safety of any person, please call triple zero (000) and ask for police.

The Victorian Child Protection Service is specifically tasked with supporting children and young people at risk of harm or where parents are unable to protect them.

You should contact Child Protection if you have concerns that a child is at risk of significant harm because of abuse or neglect.

 It is an offence for an adult not to report child sexual abuse.

Visit Child Protection to find out more information.

Reporting abuse in organisational settings

Organisations subject to the Reportable Conduct Scheme are legally required to notify the Commission of allegations of reportable conduct against a child or young person by a worker or volunteer in their organisation.

Members of the public can also notify us of allegations of reportable conduct by making a public notification.

Similarly, organisations included in the Child Safe Standards are legally required to have policies, procedures and practices in place to keep children and young people safe from harm and abuse.

If you are concerned that an organisation may not be complying with the Child Safe Standards, you can contact us by:

  • phone: 1300 78 29 78
  • email:

For more information on the ways to report child abuse, including sexual abuse, visit our Report a concern or allegation web page.