Guidance for Community Service Organisations conducting CIMS and RCS investigations

News 25 February 2020

The Commission for Children and Young People and the Department of Health and Human Services have jointly developed guidance material for service providers on streamlining Client Incident Management System (CIMS) and Reportable Conduct Scheme (RCS) investigations.

A well-planned single investigation:

  • reduces the risk of further traumatising the child
  • enables witnesses to be interviewed on fewer occasions
  • supports procedural fairness through timely and effective investigations
  • decreases the emotional toll on carers by streamlining the process
  • reduces administrative burden.

A well-planned investigation also supports and informs the Independent Investigation and Suitability Panel processes, potentially avoiding unnecessary duplication of investigations.

Conducting a joint Client Information Management System and Reportable Conduct Scheme investigations: Guidance for service providers supports community service organisations and investigators to increase their understanding of the different roles of each of the schemes and better plan and conduct joint CIMS and RCS investigations.

This information booklet provides useful general advice and should be read in conjunction with the relevant guidance issued by the department and the Commission.