Child Safe Standards Community of Practice

News 16 May 2023

As part of the Commission’s activities to support organisations to comply with the Child Safe Standards, the Commission set up a Community of Practice in 2019. This initially involved in-person opportunities for organisations to come together, share experiences and expertise to assist one another to keep children and young people safe. Due to the pandemic, delivery then moved online.

The Commission is now resuming some in-person Community of Practice sessions, allowing more opportunities for participants to network and share good practice in child safeguarding.

You can find recordings of previous online sessions on our Community of Practice page on the Commission’s website. 

Changes to regulators of the Child Safe Standards 

Since January 2023, the Commission only regulates some organisations that have to comply with the Standards. Laws have been passed that allocate types of organisations to six different regulators, including the Commission. The other Child Safe Standards regulators are: 

You can find out more about the regulators and the types of organisations they cover on the Commission’s website here.

Upcoming Child Safe Community of Practice 

Given the changes to who regulates the Standards, the Commission will now focus the Child Safe Standards Community of Practice on the sectors it regulates. The sessions remain targeted to those in leadership and child safety roles.

If you are from an organisation regulated by the Commission, you can subscribe for Community of Practice updates here.

The Commission will continue to provide open access to our many guides and other resources concerning Child Safe Standards on our website for all organisations and members of the community to use.