Have your say in the Closing the Gap Target 12 project

The Commission for Children and Young People is looking at Victoria’s progress towards achieving Closing the Gap Target 12: to reduce the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children and young people in out of home care by 45% by 2031 (Target 12).

Make a submission

The Commission welcomes submissions from interested stakeholders, including individuals, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations or other organisations who support Aboriginal children and young people and their families. The submission can address any of the following questions:

Early Help

  1. What do the terms ‘early help’, ‘early intervention’ and ‘prevention’ mean to you?
  2. Can you give us examples of initiatives that are helpful in diverting Aboriginal children and their families from contact with child protection? Why do you think they work?
  3. What are the barriers and challenges to delivering more early help, early intervention and prevention?

Close the Gap

  1. Why do you think that Aboriginal children and young people continue to overrepresented in the Victorian child protection system? 
  2. What are the barriers and challenges to meeting Target 12 of Closing the Gap?
  3. What is currently working well that will help achieve Target 12 of Closing the Gap and what needs to happen to achieve it?

Oversight and Accountability

  1. What do you know about the current governance structure of Close the Gap Target 12?
  2. How can the government be accountable to the Aboriginal community and self-determination principles in its efforts to achieve Closing the Gap Target 12?
  3. Where should the responsibility for achieving Target 12 sit within Government?

Individuals and organisations can make a written, audio or video submission. Please email it to kae@ccyp.vic.gov.au.

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If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone at the Commission, please call us on 1300 78 29 78 or email kae@ccyp.vic.gov.au.