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Reportable Conduct Scheme information sheets

Guidance for organisations about their obligations under the scheme

Info sheet on desk

Information sheet 1: About the Reportable Conduct Scheme

General information about the scheme, the responsibilities of a head of organisation, the Commission's powers under the scheme and the organisations and people covered by the scheme. 

About the Reportable Conduct Scheme (Word 166 KB) 

About the Reportable Conduct Scheme (PDF 279 KB)

Information sheet 2: What is reportable conduct?

Detailed information about the five types of reportable conduct: sexual offences, sexual misconduct, physical violence, behaviour that causes significant emotional or psychological harm, and significant neglect. 

What is reportable conduct? (Word 137 KB)

What is reportable conduct? (PDF 238 KB)

Information sheet 3: Responsibilities of the head of an organisation

The 'head' of an organisation is responsible for complying with the scheme. By law, heads of organisations have specific requirements, within set timeframes.

Responsibilities of the head of an organisation (Word 216 KB)

Responsibilities of the head of an organisation (PDF 240 KB)

Information sheet 4: Investigation overview

This information sheet contains general guidance on what you need to do in a workplace investigation into a reportable allegation. 

Investigation overview (Word 203 KB)

Investigation overview (PDF 159 KB)

Information sheet 5: Other reporting obligations

As well as the scheme, the law has in place other obligations on adults to keep children safe. This includes reporting any suspected criminal behaviour to Victoria Police. 

Other reporting obligations (Word 189 KB)

Other reporting obligations (PDF 151 KB)

Information sheet 6: Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme

The scheme works together with the Child Safe Standards to ensure children are safe, while strengthening an organisations capacity to respond properly to allegations of child abuse.

Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme (Word 209 KB)

Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme (PDF 153 KB)

Information sheet 7: Reporting to the Commission

This information sheet describes the timeframes and types of information that a head of organisation must report to the Commission about an allegation. 

Reporting to the Commission (Word 202 KB)

Reporting to the Commission (PDF 243 KB)

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the scheme and definitions under the scheme. 

RCS Frequently Asked Questions (Word 139 KB)

RCS Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 260 KB)