Standard 4: Families and communities are informed and involved in promoting child safety and wellbeing

Overview of Standard 4

Minimum Requirements

In complying with Child Safe Standard 4 an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure:

4.1    Families participate in decisions affecting their child.

4.2    The organisation engages and openly communicates with families and the community about its child safe approach and relevant information is accessible.

4.3    Families and communities have a say in the development and review of the organisation’s policies and practices.

4.4    Families, carers and the community are informed about the organisation’s operations and governance.

Compliance indicators

What will the Commission look for when assessing this Standard?

Organisations will generally comply if they produce these documents and undertake these actions in a way that supports the organisation to achieve this Standard. The nature or characteristics of your organisation may mean you need to do something different to what is proposed below. Read our guidance materials for more information.


  • The organisation’s policies reflect the importance of family and community involvement and describe ways this involvement can occur. (4.3)
  • Complaint handling policies include procedures for keeping families informed and provide guidance on how to do this while complying with obligations regarding confidentiality and privacy. (4.2 and links to 7.2)


  • The organisation supports families and communities to take an active role in promoting and maintaining child safety and wellbeing by communicating about their role in child safety and wellbeing within the organisation. (4.4 and overall outcome)
  • The organisation is open and transparent with families and communities by:
    • providing accessible information about the organisation’s child safety and wellbeing policies and practices (4.2 and 4.4)
    • providing information about the organisation’s governance and operations, how complaints are handled and how the organisation manages disciplinary actions and child safety risks. (4.4)
  • Families have an opportunity to participate in decisions made by the organisation that impact the safety and wellbeing of their child. Communication with families supports the full diversity of families to participate. (4.1)
  • Opportunities are created for families and community members to provide feedback on the organisation’s policies, procedures and practices including the organisation’s approach to child safety and wellbeing. (4.3)
  • The organisation takes the feedback and involvement of families and communities seriously and takes their views into account. (4.3 and links to 7.3)

Learn more about Standard 4

Our Guide for creating a Child Safe Organisation has detailed information and advice on how to comply with each Standard. This guide is helpful for people who are responsible for implementing the Child Safe Standards:

If you’re looking for an overview of all the Standards and requirements, download the Short Guide to the Child Safe Standards. This guide is useful for people who are just getting started with the Standards, or people who have oversight of the Standards in their organisation.

The Commission also has a range of tools and templates to help organisations develop key policies, practices and procedures. These are available in the resources section of our website.