Standard 10: Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is regularly reviewed and improved

Overview of Standard 10

Minimum requirements

In complying with Child Safe Standard 10 an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure:

10.1  The organisation regularly reviews, evaluates and improves child safe practices.

10.2  Complaints, concerns and safety incidents are analysed to identify causes and systemic failures to inform continuous improvement.

10.3  The organisation reports on the findings of relevant reviews to staff and volunteers, community and families, and children and young people.

Compliance indicators

What will the Commission look for when assessing this Standard?

Organisations will generally comply if they produce these documents and undertake these actions in a way that supports the organisation to achieve this Standard. The nature or characteristics of your organisation may mean you need to do something different to what is proposed below. Read our guidance materials for more information.


  • All policies and procedures have a regular review period indicated in the document. (10.1)
  • Reports document any child safety and wellbeing reviews and findings. (10.3)


  • Records are kept of complaints, concerns, allegations and actions taken to respond. (10.1, 10.2, 10.3)
  • Complaints, concerns, safety incidents or significant breaches of policy (such as the Code of Conduct) are examined to understand what caused the problem and whether there are any flaws in the organisation’s policies, procedures and practices that contributed to the problem. Where flaws or failings are identified, improvements are made to prevent the problem from happening again. (10.1, 10.2)
  • The organisation regularly reviews policies, procedures and child safe practices, and makes improvements considering:
    • analysis of complaints, concerns, safety incidents and significant breaches of policy
    • feedback sought from staff, volunteers, children, families and communities
    • whether the organisation has fully implemented each of the Child Safe Standards. (10.1, 10.2 and links to Standard 3 and 4.3)
  • Reports about the findings and actions taken in response to reviews of the organisation’s child safe practices are shared with staff, volunteers, children, families and communities. (10.3)

Learn more about Standard 10

Our Guide for creating a Child Safe Organisation has detailed information and advice on how to comply with each Standard. This guide is helpful for people who are responsible for implementing the Child Safe Standards:

If you’re looking for an overview of all the Standards and requirements, download the Short Guide to the Child Safe Standards. This guide is useful for people who are just getting started with the Standards, or people who have oversight of the Standards in their organisation.

The Commission also has a range of tools and templates to help organisations develop key policies, practices and procedures. These are available in the resources section of our website.