Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–25

The Commission for Children and Young People is pleased to release its first Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–25.

The Gender Equality Action Plan will help the Commission plan, implement and measure change in order to achieve workplace gender equality.

How we developed the plan

To develop the plan, the Commission undertook a workplace gender audit and analysed workforce data, consulted directly with employees and analysed the results of all-staff surveys to help understand the importance of gender equality, identify areas where change is required and developed actions, strategies and measures to address any perceived or actual gaps or issues in relation to gender equality.

Areas of focus

The Commission is committed to addressing and implementing the identified actions, strategies and measures outlined in its first Gender Equality Action Plan.

All actions, strategies and measures are categorised under six broad themes:

  • data collection to address gender equality data gaps
  • policy and procedure development
  • reporting
  • communications
  • learning and development
  • accessibility.

Download the Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–25 (PDF 980KB)