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New phase of Reportable Conduct Scheme starts in 2018

Religious organisations, hospitals, disability services and camps will be covered by the scheme from 1 January 2018

religious org

Religious organisations, hospitals, disability services and camps are some organisations covered by Victoria’s Reportable Conduct Scheme from 1 January 2018.

The scheme seeks to improve organisations’ responses to allegations of child abuse and child-related misconduct.

It achieves this by requiring heads of organisations to report to the Commission any allegation that a worker or volunteer in their organisation has committed child abuse or misconduct.

The organisation must carry out an investigation into any allegation and report its findings to the Commission.

Who is covered by the scheme

The scheme began operating on 1 July 2017, covering organisations such as schools, out-of-home care providers and government departments.

From 1 January 2018, the scheme will also include:

  • religious bodies
  • organisations that:
    • operate a residential facility for a boarding school
    • provide overnight camps for children
    • are a public or denominational hospital or operate a private hospital
    • are a public health service
    • organisations that provide disability services, including registered disability service providers.

Read more information on who is covered by the scheme

What you need to do

Heads of organisations must report allegations to the Commission using our online form within three business days of becoming aware of them.

Read more information about reporting obligations

Members of the public may report allegations using our online form, by phone or email.

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Support for organisations

We have a range of supports available for organisations that need to comply with the scheme.

You can also contact us  directly for clarification and guidance.