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We want to hear from you

The Commission is interested to hear from you about your experiences at school, including things you like, things you do not like and what you need to stay in school and do well.

I feel this inquiry is so important because it gives young people a chance to talk about how they feel about their education. This will hopefully be the beginning of change (Sarah, 20)

The information you share will help the Commission write a report that tells the government about how to help children and young people in care to stay in school

I think it is really cool that the things that I say are contributing to making a change and improving the system for others. I also love that parliament has to pay attention to the report and its recommendations! (Jane, 20)

Make your submission

You can make a submission any way you like. It could be a written submission, or you might like to make a video or voice recording. You might want to answer the questions here if you are unsure about where to start.

If you would like help to make a submission or to speak to someone at the Commission, please call our Senior Engagement Officer, Jason Mannes, on 0438 351 889 or email engage@ccyp.vic.gov.au.

If you make a submission, you give the Commission permission to quote things that you say without identifying you. We will always make sure that anything quoted does not identify that it was you who wrote it.

When you make your submission, you will be asked to provide your name and contact details. The Commission can then contact you to let you know once it has received your submission. Plus, you will receive a gift voucher as a thank you. Your name and contact details will not be made public.

To make a submission, please go here. Thank you!