Freedom of information

How to make a freedom of information request to us.

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 you can make an application to access documents and information held by public sector agencies, including the Commission for Children and Young People. 

What are the types of information I can request?

The Act gives you the right to request:

  • documents and information about various activities of the Commission
  • documents about your personal affairs 
  • that incorrect or misleading information about you that we may hold be amended or removed.

How do I make a freedom of information request?

There are various ways in which to make an application:

  • You can complete and return the Commission’s Freedom of Information Application Form.
  • You can make a written application to the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer and send it to the following address:

Chief Executive Officer
Commission for Children and Young People
Level 18, 570 Bourke St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

  • You can send an email to and attention it to the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer.
  • You can lodge an application online at the FOI website.
  • You can authorise another person (for example, a lawyer) to make an application on your behalf.  If you choose this option, you must give the person written authorisation to make the application on your behalf.

Information you must include in your request

Whichever option you choose, please ensure that you include the following information and documentation with your application:

  • your personal details including your full name, your address, and date of birth 
  • a clear and detailed description of the documents and information that you are requesting
  • proof of your identity 
  • proof of your relationship (if you seeking access to documents about another person)
  • the application fee or a written request that the application be waived because it would cause you financial hardship.


An application fee of $28.90 must be sent with your application unless we have agreed to waive the fee.

We may waive the fee if it is likely to cause you financial hardship. If you wish to request to have the fee waived, you should provide us with the reasons for this application.

In some circumstances, we may request that you pay additional fees in order to process your request. You will be notified in advance before any additional fees are incurred.

How will the request be processed?

We are required to process your application within 45 days from the date it was received. However, this may change depending on the nature of the request and whether your initial application sufficiently described the information and documents sought. Once we receives your application, we will locate all of the information and documentation that you have requested, and process your application.  

Once we have made a decision about your application, we will send you a letter explaining the decision, and the reasons for the decision.

How do I make a complaint?

If you are unhappy with our decision, or with the way in which your application is handled, you can contact us directly or you can make a complaint to the Freedom of Information Commissioner.

The FOI Commissioner is responsible for reviewing FOI decisions, handling FOI complaints, and monitoring agencies’ compliance with the FOI legislation.