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Reporting and investigating allegations

Heads of organisations must investigate and notify us about allegations

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How do I tell the Commission about a reportable allegation?

To notify us of a reportable conduct allegation, or update an existing allegation please use our webform: Notify and update reportable allegations

Heads of organisations must use our online form, however members of the public may make disclosures either through our online form, by phone or letter.

When should I tell the Commission?

Within three business days of becoming aware of a reportable allegation, heads of organisations must notify us that a reportable allegation has been made against one of their workers or volunteers. 

Within 30 calendar days, heads of organisations must provide certain detailed information about the allegations and their proposed response.

It is a criminal offence for a head of an organisation to fail to comply with the three-day and 30-day notification obligations without a reasonable excuse.

For more details, please see our information sheet Reporting to the Commission

Investigating allegations

Heads of organisations are responsible for ensuring that an investigation is conducted.

They must also provide updates to us about:

  • who will conduct the investigation
  • the outcomes of the investigation
  • the actions that the organisation will take as a result of those outcomes.

For more information on investigations, see our information sheet Investigation overview

The Commission has also produced the new guide, Guidance for organisations – investigating a reportable conduct allegation (PDF, 619KB), which is also available in accessible format.

For resources on interviewing children and young people as part of a reportable conduct investigation, click here.

We have also produced a Reportable Conduct Scheme investigation plan template to help organisations plan their investigations (Word, 47 KB).