Reportable Conduct Scheme form requirements

Guidance for heads of organisations about the information we will require in an allegation report.

We can receive information about reportable allegations through our online forms Notify and update reportable allegations

The forms help you submit information and ensure you provide all information required of your organisation. They guide you through providing us information about:

  • the employee (worker or volunteer) who is the subject of the allegation
  • the reportable allegation 
  • the organisation where the subject of the allegation works 
  • details of investigations and outcomes
  • the actions that have been taken in response to the reportable allegations.

For further information on reporting to the Commission see our information sheet Reporting to the Commission. You can also Contact us

Notification forms

The following information sheets identify the information required in the webform.

Three day notification - head of organisation

Three day notification - head of organisation (PDF 258 KB)

Three day notification - head of organisation (Word 105 KB)

30 day update

30 day update (PDF 268 KB)

30 day update (Word 107 KB)

Investigation outcome update

Investigation outcome update (PDF 258 KB)

Investigation outcome update (Word 105 KB)

Investigator update

Investigator update (PDF 152 KB)

Investigator update (Word 104 KB)

Other information update

Other information update (PDF 146 KB)

Other information update (Word 104 KB)