Enforcing the Standards

We educate, support and regulate organisations that work with children and young people to prevent abuse.

The Commission and relevant authorities

The Commission and relevant authorities play important complementary roles in overseeing and promoting compliance with the Child Safe Standards.

We promote compliance with the standards by:

  • collaborating and liaising closely with each relevant authority
  • reducing unnecessary duplication of resources
  • coordinating any monitoring and enforcement activities
  • educating and guiding relevant authorities.

What are relevant authorities?

A relevant authority can be:

  • a Victorian Government department responsible for regulating or funding an organisation
  • the Victorian Registration and Qualifications authority
  • any other authority that regulates or funds an organisation. 

How we handle concerns about compliance with Child Safe Standards

We value the information we receives about potential non-compliance with the standards. If we receive concerns about an organisation’s compliance, we will assess those concerns and may:

  1. make further inquiries about an organisation’s compliance with the standards;
  2. provide additional education and advice to the organisation so that it may comply with the standards
  3. liaise with regulators and funders of the organisation
  4. begin enforcement action which may result in a Court imposing a civil penalty.

We will consult with the main relevant authority (if one exists for that organisation) before exercising any of the following powers:

  • requesting any information or document
  • conducting an inspection
  • issuing a notice to produce or comply
  • making an application to the court.

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, we are subject to strict confidentiality requirements. Consistent with these confidentiality requirements, we will not disclose to individuals who raise concerns any further information about the particular actions we take.