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Organisations that interact with children vary in terms of their size, structure, children they provide services for, activities they deliver and their level of responsibility for children. As such, there can be no one size fits all approach.

There are seven Child Safe Standards. They are designed to be flexible and principle based enabling organisations to tailor their approach to reflect their own particular needs and risks. For example, the way the standards look and operate in a church are going to be different to a primary school, or a party service.

It is important to acknowledge that in meeting the standards, the vast majority of organisations won’t be starting from scratch.  
There will be many examples of strategies and processes your organisation has in place that will help to meet the standards.

For the purpose of these standards a child is defined as a person under the age of 18 years. The term child abuse encompasses:

  • sexual abuse (including grooming with the intent to sexually abuse a child)
  • physical abuse or violence
  • serious psychological or emotional abuse
  • serious neglect.

While the standards are intended to focus on child abuse, organisations and businesses are encouraged to promote children’s health and wellbeing in a broader sense. 

Find out more about the standards:

In applying each standard organisations must reflect and embed key principles in their approach relating to promoting the safety of children with a disability and the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds. For more information to about these principles visit the Principles page.

Where to start

Organisations are not starting at the same point, with many having highly developed child safe approaches already in place that will exceed the minimum standards contained in the Child Safe Standards.

For organisations in scope, it is recommended that you review what you already have in place and assess these against the requirements of the Child Safe Standards. Further development, or realignment may be required. Some organisations are starting their work to meet the standards.

A Child Safety Review Checklist and Action Plan (Word, 78kb) can be found on our Resources and support page which supports organisations to stocktake what they have in place and what aspects require further development to meet the standards.

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