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Thursday 26 November 2015

Bail Act reform to protect children - media release

"I welcome the reforms relevant to children in the Bail Amendment Bill 2015, and call upon all members of parliament to support these changes", said Andrew Jackomos.

"I am very concerned about the significant increase in the number of Koori children being held on remand and the number of children arrested and charged for Bail Act offences."

“For some time I have been advocating for:

  • amendments to the Bail Act
  • improved training of bail justices
  • more assistance for young people applying for bail
  • audio or video recording of out-of-session bail hearings
  • resources for a Youth Justice intensive bail supervision program
  • an increase in resources directed to providing intensive bail support to young people, including specialist support for Koori young people."

"The reforms in the Bail Amendment Bill 2015 are a vital first step towards reducing the number of Koori children held in custody."

"I particularly support:

  • the requirement that courts must take into account child specific factors when making bail decisions
  • the exemption of children from the breach of bail condition offence
  • the presumption in favour of initiating criminal proceedings against children by summons, rather than arrest."

"I look forward to continuing to work with government, community service organisations and the wider community to strengthen the support provided to Koori children and young people in the youth justice system."


Bail Act reform to protect children - media release, Andrew Jackomos (Word, 159kb)